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Who is the Rat Day Event in Amsterdam

Details about this event

The ´Who is the Rat?' game by Mokum Events is a very special game and is followed by a great visit to one of Amsterdams finest pubs to sing a couple of songs, you can't get any better in the city centre!

12.30 pm- 13.30 pm Lunch

This particular Mokum Events arrangement is a great start! We welcome you in a specially selected restaurant, in the heart of Amsterdam where a delicious lunch is served.

13.30 pm - 17.00 pm Game: Who is the Rat?

'Who is the Mole?' is a famous Dutch Tv-show. Because the name is copyright protected we are not allowed to use it, so we are not going to! Our game however is called 'Who is the Rat?' and based on the same Tv-gameshow Logically, an animal such as the insidious, terrifying and dirty rat is much better suited for this occasion than the fluffy little mole.

Try to answer the interesting questions and solve the assignments in coallition with your teammates. This game takes place in the heart of Amsterdam. However, that sounds much too easy! One of you must do everything humanly possible to frustrate your team members during the game. You may interfere freely, as long as you do not make it obvious that you are interfering! Only you will know that you are this naughty Rat, the saboteur, and the spoiler of the entire game! All the other participants must play the game as well as possible but in addition, must try to expose the Rat!

Exciting, resourceful and suspicion .. the search is starting; 'Who is the Rat!'

17.00 pm - 18.00 pm Drinks with Tearjerker Songs

Rest and reminisce with a drink. However, do no chitchat for too long! Your entire party, with a glass in one hand and the textbook in the other, will sing enjoyable Old Dutch tearjerkers.

You can book this activity with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

Each component of the program mentioned on this page can obviously be booked on its own or scheduled in a different order. Your entire program will be tailor-made according to your personal demands!

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