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Superheroes Children’s Party in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Use your superpowers. All kinds of crazy, fun and STRONG assignments are waiting for you in the Superheroes Children's Party from Mokum Events in Amsterdam.

Help our cheerful police officer. Every kid gets a real superhero outfit and will meet all kinds of physical and mental challenges. Your energy will spontaneously combust!

This arrangement is perfectly suited for a cosy children's outing or children's party in Amsterdam. The Mokum Events Superheroes and Heroines Children's Party is a real sparkling dress up party! Let's see if Superman or Superwoman can gather their strength to solve all the fun assignments.

Meanwhile, the kids will also have to prevent a kidnapping under the strict supervision of a joking police officer, somebody has been KIDNAPPED! All superpowers will have to be united! You will all look for the missing kid, who probably is just eating chocolate pudding with whipped cream around the corner!

For children in the age of 8-11.

  • Beautiful superhero outfits
  • Professional supervision
  • Delicacies


For this party you can plan your own location or we will look for a cosy spot for you, somewhere in the centre of Amsterdam.

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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