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Motor Boat Rally in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Enjoy the Motor Boat Rally from Mokum Events in Amsterdam. During this fun water journey you'll be moving along in a very silent electric boat.

Moving almost noiseless, and environmentally friendly, you'll enjoy the peace of the battery operated boat and the soft bubbling of the water!

First, you'll receive sail- and steering instructions to ensure that you proceed safely on your way with your 'own' whispering vessel. Moreover, do not think that this is too complicated; the boat can be steered with only one hand.

After these instructions you will receive a (watertight) city map and an assignment booklet. Sail along the lovely route, complete the assignments as well as you possible can and aim for the ultimate award of the Mokum Motorboat Rally!

We will naturally moor somewhere half way during the Rally for a drink at a cosy pub.

The team covering the route the fastest and at the same time obtains the highest score for all assignments, will be rewarded with the biggest prize at the final award-ceremony!

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