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Making Your Own Video Clip in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Stop talking about talent shows, try Mokum Events' Making Your Own Video Clip in Amsterdam and you will discover you don't need qualifying rounds at all.

This is a dream come true! Nobody drops out, everybody has some talent one way or the other!

We will make sure that you will shine in your own video clip!

First, you will choose your own favorite pop song. You will play the leading part in a video clip which takes approximately 2,5 hours to record. Location: the centre of Amsterdam. The entire clip will be made under the supervision of a competent director, someone with loads of experience.

The movie is filmed with the help of two professional Sony 3ccd cameras, according to a script that is well prepared in advance. All images are edited and a complete video clip on DVD is delivered to you a week later. It's also possible to burn digital photos of the whole event on a DVD.

It will be a small step for you to show the clip to the entire world, on YouTube or any other popular social medium! Maybe you'll become famous instantaneously!

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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