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Guys vs. Girls Dinner in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Probably the most fun battle of the sexes and definitely the most revealing. The Mokum Events Guys versus Girls Dinner is a quiz show played with two competing teams. In the corner on the left, a couple of arrogant guys who think their knowledge about women is substantial enough to get attention. In the corner on the right, several girls thinking there isn’t much to know about men anyway because in essence, they are simple creatures. Well, both parties are simply wrong! The quiz is a combination of fun questions and a delicious 3-course meal.

What kind of quiz?

Good question! This quiz reveals the peculiarities of both men and women. Do all girls have at least thirty pairs of shoes and why might that be? Could it be that their feet grow exponentially over time or what? Do all men have a minimum of three girlfriends before ‘the one’ is chosen or what is the average penis size? It’s questions like these both teams have to answer. So it’s all about knowing more about the other sexe, more than the other sexe knows about you anyway.
This quiz show can be planned for any occasion you like. Right before a wedding maybe or just between friends. Up for the challenge of a lifetime? Don’t hesitate to call us! There is also a Guys versus Girl Lunch if you want a full afternoon of revealing and surprising truths and dares. Have fun and don’t forget to hug eachother when the show is finished!

  • Professional quizmaster
  • Special Guys versus Girls stage design
  • Some interesting quiz rounds
  • Great award for the winning team
  • Located in Amsterdam city centre
  • Can be booked on any day you prefer!


€ 62,50 p.p. now € 52,50 p.p. excl. VAT

You can book this event with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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