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Guided Tour Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Details about this event

A tour of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is a lot more fun with an experienced Mokum Events tourguide. He or she will captivate you with fascinating anecdotes and storytelling.

Are you visiting Amsterdam with friends, family or planning a getaway with colleagues or a fun school trip?

Your tourguide will tell fascinating background stories and surprising things about Van Gogh's self-portraits as well as his landscapes. Great stories about one of the most famous and documented Dutch artists.

Among art connoisseurs, Van Gogh remains a very interesting subject. Not the least because there is increasing debate about the authenticity of some works he created. It's time to experience the actual brush strokes of the artist.

Nowhere in the world there are so many Van Gogh paintings on display. Several landscapes, still life's and drawings show us we are dealing with a painter with an unprecedented productivity. Unfortunately, he has never experienced his own fame and has never seen his talent rewarded.

During this tour, the art he created and his own intertwining life events will be the topic of conversation.

Reasons for joining Mokum Events guided ART tour

For 10 years, Mokum Events has been THE event agency for guided art tours and city walks in the city of Amsterdam. All our tourguides have tremendous experience in entertaining smaller and larger groups of people and are selected for their inspiring enthusiasm and talent to present their knowledge in an accessible and fun way.

  • Professional tourguide
  • Entrance tickets to Van Gogh Museum
  • Guided tour through all rooms
  • Don't have to wait at the entrance desk
  • Can be booked on any day and time you prefer!

You can book this guided tour with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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