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Guided Tour & Beer Sampling – City Stroll and Dinner

Details about this event

Mokum Events' Guided Tour & Beer Sampling, with City Stroll and Dinner in Amsterdam, is a combination of good old fashioned Dutch delights.
Containing beer, the glorious old city of Amsterdam and a great dinner! You can't go wrong with this arrangement!

4 pm - 5.30 pm Guided Tour & Beer Sampling

Mokum Events takes you to an old steam brewery in the heart of Mokum. We will tell you everything you want to know about the various types and flavours of beer: the history of beer, the brewing process and the story of this old brewery.
This experience would not be complete without tasting some of the brews. Taste some of the fresh beers at the end of the tour, it's sampling time!

5.30 pm - 7 pm City Stroll

After the guided tour and the sampling, we will stretch our legs and take a breath of fresh air and get sober again. Your guide will take you for a lovely city stroll through the oldest part of Old Amsterdam. Dark alleys, beautiful houses along the canals, ancient front doors and narrow bridges.

7 pm - 9 pm Dinner

You probably will be hungry at 8 o' clock. We have selected a special restaurant for you. A lovely and enjoyable dinner will conclude the evening.


Don't want to reach for your wallet every time you have to pay for your drink? For € 8,50 per person per hour each (excl. VAT.) you can enjoy unlimited amounts of beer, soft drinks, house wines, coffee and tea. And... in this way, you will not be unpleasantly surprised later on!

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

Each component of the program mentioned on this page can obviously be booked on its own or scheduled in a different order. Your entire program will be tailor-made according to your personal demands!

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