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GPS Tour in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Discover the city with the help of a GPS receiver, in Mokum Events' GPS Tour in Amsterdam. Plotting a route through the city will turn out not to be easy.

This arrangement is very useful for people who might otherwise get lost!

You probably know the Global Positioning System (GPS). Some know it as the system with the pleasant voice that directs you to your destination when driving a car.

With the help of coordinates provided by us you'll discover the city centre. The shortest route to your destination will be shown to you on this magnificent device, receiving signals from 24 different satellites.

Just remember that the satellites only indicate the location to your destination in straight lines. You will have to find the right alleys, streets and canals through various existing Amsterdam working-class areas for yourself! In addition, you must do this as quickly as possible. Only the fastest team will receive the award!

Our GPS tour takes place in 2 different areas; one is the well-known, popular, a bit frivolous Mokum (the old city centre) while the other is the more serious, historic side of town (the Jordaan and the ring of canals!). The choice is yours!


- Welcome
- The Program explained
- GPS explanation
- GPS start, hand over of questions / assignments
- 1 drink
- Award-ceremony
- End

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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