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Conjuring Workshop in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Tricking people with ordinary objects is not that easy. In Mokum Events' Conjuring Workshop in Amsterdam you'll be on your way to becoming a true magician, actually, a wizard in conjuring tricks!

An all-round magician entertainer will teach you tricks with ordinary objects during a conjuring workshop. Tricks which can be performed anywhere and for every audience.

All participants of this fun workshop will start the 'art of the impossible' after a short and funny introduction. Everybody will learn the techniques to do so, but also gain insight into the psychology behind the art of conjuring.

You'll soon realise you too can be the life and soul of every party from now on, being the center of attention.

The workshops of Mokum Events can be presented in Dutch as well as in English.

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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