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The Candyman Game in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Enjoy an adventure with a SUPERSTAR and experience The Candyman bachelor party or citygame from Mokum Events, right here in Amsterdam.

The Candyman steals the show with a hilarious performance and wins everybody's heart by showing his unique appearance!

Take a trip with the Candyman and experience the funniest adventures! The Candyman likes to pose, hug, dance, drink and party. And his friends all join in! The ultimate bachelorday in which the bachelor is transformed into the Candyman or Candygirl.

Wrapped in an anonymous Candyman-suit, the Candyman and his team have to complete all kinds of crazy challenges in the centre of town! The Candyman is always naughty and cheerful! You'll laugh until you cry, quaranteed!!

Everything will be put on camera for the near future!

Afterwards we will relax in a cosy pub and enjoy the pleasure of a cool drink. The movies will be send to you shortly, so that you can remember this day forever.

The Candyman arrangement is also suited for a combined (both groom and bride) bachelorparty. For a small extra fee both partners will be Candyman and Candygirl and experience an adventure with their own team. Of course they will meet up somewhere 'spontaniously'.

This Candyman battle will make you laugh! Two teams struggle to get the one and only Candyman Award which can be obtained during the final Award session.

  • Supervision/Escort
  • 1 consumption
  • Candyman costume
  • Bite to eat during the event
  • Camera
  • All movies will be send digitally

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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